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Eddie Vedder Debuts New Band, Covers R.E.M., Kings of Leon, Pretenders, Prince and More at Ohana Fest

Eddie Vedder was slated to pull headlining double duty at his Ohana Festival this weekend with a solo set on Saturday and bringing Pearl Jam back to Southern California for the first time since 2013. However, following Kings of Leon’s sudden withdrawal on Thursday to tend to a family matter, Vedder sprung into action. The […]

September 25, 2021

Eddie Vedder Says Ten ‘Getting Too Big’ Almost ‘Crushed’ Pearl Jam

In lieu of the coming 30th anniversary of Pearl Jam’s debut full-length, Ten, which was released on Aug. 27, 1991, Eddie Vedder and guitarist Mike McCready recall the album’s titanic success, and it’s titanic weight on the band following its intractable success in a recent feature from the latest issue of Classic Rock magazine. Upon […]

June 24, 2021