Charlie Watts to Miss Rolling Stones’ No Filter Tour Due to Medical Procedure

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts will miss the band’s upcoming rescheduled No Filter U.S. tour after undergoing an undisclosed medical procedure. Watts will be replaced by Steve Jordan on the 13-date trek. “Charlie has had a procedure which was completely successful, but I gather his doctors this week concluded that he now needs proper rest […]

August 5, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Pachyman

Aside from being a master-level instrumentalist, Pachyman is a breezy, fun-loving, and freedom seeking artist. Always welcoming the outside with open arms, it’s rare to see a challenge that goes unconquered by Pachyman. His works are a well sonically seasoned mix, in which his Puerto Rican roots shine bright and are elevated by a layer […]

SPIN Sets Presents: Sky Society

A limitless entity, completely fused with music and the divine, Sky Society is ready to reach beyond the heavens. With an infectious mystical optimism, Sky Society thrives off of exploration and acceptance of being a creative conduit with a purpose to cultivate oneness. Within the spiritual lens, he’s been able to defy many labels and […]

SPIN Recap: HARD Summer 2021

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL HARDFEST 2021 happened this weekend for the first time in two years, with an expanded venue size and a stacked lineup of electronic, rap and pop acts. The most important thing to note was that all sets had exceptional sound quality and the acts delivered their performances to bustling crowds filled with […]

The Offspring’s Drummer Leaves Band, Tour After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination

Pete Parada, the drummer for the punk band the Offspring, said that he will not continue playing with the group because he refuses to receive a Covid-19 vaccination. Parada, who has Guillain-Barré syndrome, is immunocompromised and said his doctor advised against getting the vaccine at this time. “The risks far outweigh the benefits,” Parada said […]

August 4, 2021

A Day in the Life of…STACEY

In a life filled with so much chaos and uncertainty, STACEY’s easy psychedelic pop harkens the groovy ‘60s vibes we desperately need in our complex modern existence. Her debut album Saturn Return (released in May) is a day-dreamy journey that, like STACEY, is out of this world.  Do yourself a favor and check out her […]

Pink Siifu’s GUMBO! Is Good for the Soul

Pink Siifu’s latest release, GUMBO!, is another sprawling Afrocentric vision from one of the boldest voices in contemporary rap. Following up on 2020’s NEGRO, a genre-bending exploration of Black rage in the face of racist oppression, the album’s songs are as rich and varied as its titular stew. Siifu’s boundless style makes for an unpredictable […]

Take a Chill Adventure in a Bug-Sized Mech With Stonefly

Anyone who’s delved into any of Flight School Studio’s games already knows that there’s really nothing else like them. Titles like Creature in the Well and Manifest 99 are the kind of weird little indie adventures that a larger studio wouldn’t dare to touch. Their most recent release, Stonefly, is their biggest and most robust […]