In case you somehow missed the memo: Blink-182 is back. The group brought back Tom DeLonge for the reunion of its classic lineup, including a forthcoming new album and worldwide tour through 2024. Though fans are elated, as seen in the surge of social media posts this past week, one person who has been quiet until now was Matt Skiba. The guitarist (also behind pop-punk act Alkaline Trio) had filled in for DeLonge for the past seven years after he decided to pursue his outside interests (UFOs) and other projects (Angels & Airwaves).

On Friday, DeLonge shared an open letter to Skiba in which he expressed his gratitude for “keep[ing] the band alive and thriving in my absence,” and also admitted, “to be honest, the band would not even be here today if it were not for your ability to jump in and save the day.”

Though Skiba didn’t interact with DeLonge’s post, he shared a statement shortly thereafter that offered a full-cap hearty congratulations to the trio (also including former bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker) on the reunion. Skiba’s post, in part, read, “I am truly grateful for my time with blink and I am truly happy you guys are a band and a family again.”

Also on Friday, Blink-182 released its first song with DeLonge in over a decade. “Edging” sticks to their tried-and-true formula for pop-punk bangers. They will embark on a reunion tour beginning in Mexico in March before heading to the States in early May, including a headline appearance at the When We Were Young festival.

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