Name  Magne/mags/magne f/magne a (in Apparatjik)/magne furuholmen–take your pick.

I’ve been called many things and answer to most (except “Asshole”).

Best known for (Still) being the youngster in A-ha at the tender age of 59 (for a few more weeks).

Current city  Oslo

Really want to be  On the ocean just outside Ibiza – which i will be…in 4 days, 6 hours and 53 minutes, but who’s counting.

Excited about  The new A-ha film and album True North (October 21) coming out, and of course turning 60…YAY!

My current music collection has a lot of  Eclectic stuff in it–my sons feed me new exciting music I’d otherwise never know, and in return I force-feed them stuff from the ‘60s through the ‘80s until they beg me to stop.

And a little bit of  Classical music. Hey, don’t knock a man for trying to be sophisticated!

Preferred format  I erroneously gave my vinyl collection and record player away to my younger brothers in the ‘80s and I never got back in the game. Although I still like vinyl the best both for sound and feel, which is why I always do limited editions related to solo-projects. I have to admit though that streaming is where I find my music these days…I just wish Spotify didn’t push so much local crap my way in the “you may also like” category.

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5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

Sea Change, Beck

This album absolutely floored me when it came out, and inspired me throughout the process of making my first solo record Past Perfect Future Tense and well beyond.

Nigel Godrich’s production is amazing and the string arrangements are to die for… Well done, Beck!

The Bends, Radiohead

An incredible second album, and a clear sign of the great things to come. “Fake Plastic Trees” is one of my favorite songs.

O, Damien Rice

A rare record–so pure and so simple, yet so hauntingly evocative it hurts physically to listen to it.

Parachutes, Coldplay

I love this record and my friends in Coldplay for many reasons. I remember Coldplay once upon a time saying they didn’t care about being cool anymore, so they admitted to being A-ha fans.

Well, now it’s my turn: I don’t care about being cool anymore, so I admit to being a Coldplay fan! Way of the world, innit?

Grace, Jeff Buckley

I dare anyone to state that they do not find listening to Jeff Buckley’s voice a soul-shattering experience! The rendition of “Hallelujah” (by another huge favorite of mine and a continuing influence, Leonard Cohen) is worth the record alone, but give “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” a try. Now go make something better…see what I mean?

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